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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from around the world. The olives are picked "Early" when they are still green. This causes our Extra Virgin Olive Oils to contain a lot of polyphenols. Our  Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olives are  pressed two to four hours after they are picked. Once the oils are pressed samples are sent to a lab in Australia and they are tested. We tell you exactly what's in the oil, when it was crushed, and where it was crushed.

1. Squalene: is an isoprenoid compound structurally similar to beta-carotene. It is transported in serum generally in association with LDL and is distributed in human tissues, with the greatest concentration in the skin. It is one of the major components of the skin surface lipids.

Olive oil is considered one of the richest renewable sources of squalene.

2. A-Tocopherols: is a form of Vitamin E that is preferentially absorbed and accumulated in humans. Recommended daily amount (RDA) for adults of Vitamin E is 10 mg/day. In EVOO, The main Tocopherol is alpha(-90% of the total) with very little amount of beta, gamma and delta.